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Committed to R&D of the aromatic ketone products

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About Us

山东时时彩网站诈骗 is located in the hometown of fish and rice in the jianghan plain hinterland, enjoy "township of gymnastics" reputation of the garden city in hubei province lingang industrial zone, with the nation's largest acylation reaction device, is committed to research and development and production of the aromatic ketone products, especially acetophenone series, the products are widely used in pharmaceutical, pesticide, daily chemical products, flavoring.


The company covers an area of 65000 m squared, new investment in two key intermediates for project, annual output of 400 tons of "2 - acetyl thiophene" and "to benzoquinone", using the latest technology, more than 99% purity. Company through is9001:2000 2008 quality management system certification, with import and export of goods and technology import and export business licence.Company has the advanced technical research and development center, maintaining high investment in the area of scientific research, that is an international peer advanced technology level, the company regards product quality as life, internal control management in strict accordance with GMP standards.


Company signed a contract with wuhan university of engineering for university-enterprise cooperation unit, the operation of wuhan university of engineering to supervision, a professor in the school of chemical and pharmaceutical production.



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